September 22, 2017

Waste Tires Village

There is no other village in Vietnam but Hoa Binh Village in Nghia Hoa Hamlet, Tu Nghia District – 10km from Quang Ngai City – can earn a living from waste tires. When you reach the village, you will immediately see bunches of waste tires on the ground, in the garden, on the sidewalk, etc. with all types of tires from heavy trucks, cars, motorbikes, bulldozers, or excavators.

Waste tires are bought from every corner of the country and transported to the village. They are then classified. Those not too bad are re-sold for use in work sites. Others are cut and split into pieces in variety of purposes, used to make rubber sandals, to mend a puncture, or to make rubber particles for artificial soccer field, etc. Nothing is unused from a waste tire.

Estimated about 3,000 people in the area are involved in this industry.


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