July 1, 2016

Turtuk - the northernmost village of India

Turtuk is located on the banks of the Shyok River and is the northernmost village of India. Turtuk was only open to travelers in 2010 and is a remote village which is inhabited by ethnic Muslims, just a few kilometers away from the ‘Line of Control’ between India and Pakistan, now on the Indian side. Until the year 1971, Turtuk was a part of Baltistan and was under the control of Pakistan. The story that goes around in Turtuk by the elders is about one eventful evening they went bed in Pakistan and woke up in India.

To enter Turtuk one has to walk over a wooden bridge that crosses over the road and flowing stream. The village is very scenic with plenty of small colorful flowers and apricot trees all over the village.
The elders from the village are generally busy all day in their farms. 

One thing that is very evident and makes this village of Turtuk very different from the rest of the villages in the area, is that since they are descendants of the Balti community they have very sharp features and many of them have light brown hair and colored eyes.


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