March 28, 2014

Basket Boat

Those who are travelling alongside Vietnamese coasts can easily find a round boat, either pulled behind a fishing boat or rowed by someone. This round boat is called as "thuyen thung" - basket boat - and is a very particular one of Vietnamese fisherman.

The boat is made of bamboo and coated with tar or varnish for waterproof. It can vary in size from a one-man boat to those big enough to carry several people together with their fishing gear.

Once upon a time, French ruled Vietnam and levied taxes on many things, including fishing boat. Poor villagers could not pay the tax imposed on their small boats so they invented a bigger-than-normal basket which can be used as a boat. Since then, it was made and used widely across the country.

It takes time to learn how to row out from the shore without spinning around and around in a circle.



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