May 7, 2013

An Giang

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An Giang is located west of the Mekong Delta between the Tien and Hau Rivers (branches of Mekong River) and shares a 95-km border with Cambodia. It consists of a few midland areas and low mountains. 

The region is located in a monsoon tropical climate where the annual average temperature varies between 26 and 280C. The two distinct seasons are the dry season from December to April, and the rainy season from May to November. Floods often occur from the middle of August to the middle of November.

Flooding season is one of the specific features of this area. Not like any other area in Vietnam, flooding season is like a natural gift to farmers. It brings alluvial to planting rice field and also pushes back any diseases and harmful pests. It also feeds people here with plenty of fishes.

The main ethnic groups found in the province are the Kinh, Khmer, Cham, and Chinese Vietnamese. Together with them are many religions like Catholicism, Protestant, Theravada Buddhism, Muslim, Cao Dai, etc. Therefore, An Giang is also famous of its festivals all year round. (see: Dolta festival/ Oxen Racing

Then, come to An Giang, just like to come to all Mekong Delta.


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