April 18, 2013

Jiulong Waterfalls

Jiulong Pubuqun (Nine Dragon Waterfalls) is a series of not nine, but ten, waterfalls of varying heights, located 22 kilometers East of Luoping County. The group of waterfalls is spread out over a 4km stretch of the Jiulong River and manages to fall for a combined total of more than 200 meters.

A visit to the falls is recommended during the wet season (May to October) when they are flowing at full capacity. The thunderous roar of Number 1 waterfall—the group's highest, measuring in at 56 meters—can be heard from up to 2 km distant. Subsequent falls, although not as high as the Number 1, each have their own charm. At certain times during the year, the shores of the tranquil pools between falls are graced with the presence of hundreds of folk song singing youths from local ethnic groups trying to attract a partner.


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